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Photo Editor - Image Beautify app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 8928 ratings )
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Developer: Song Huang
Current version: 3.5, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 18 Aug 2015
App size: 53.59 Mb

Want your selfie photo looks more beautiful? Want have more perfect body shape in Image? Want have more pretty face? Then come try this app, It has very powerful photo edit functions. You can do whatever modify you like with some simple clicks.

• Select a photo from album or taken by camera.
• Use your finger to grow or shrink any part of the image you want.
• Undo all the changes if you are not satisfied with your modifications.
• Save your creation to album or share with your friends.

This is a Photo Editor App provide plenty powerful tools to modify a Image, change body shape and face shape of you selfie photo

Pros and cons of Photo Editor - Image Beautify app for iPhone and iPad

Photo Editor - Image Beautify app good for

Im in love with you guys. Thank you so much for your awesome app
Great app but the features in the photos are not in the app? Wtf?
App is great and well done, it can benefit from adding in more morphing options and features such as smudging, keeping original image resolution option, and less image compression while body morphing.
Get this games now its awesome you can get anything bigger smaller or different shaped if you do then get this app its awesome
Performance and effects as advertised. Very simple UI. Clean and easy to work with. Thx
Actually a REALLY cool app that makes everything look super nice and natural I LOVE IT ❤️❤️

Some bad moments

I like the app but it does not do as much as it shows on cover or those 2 photos all it does is a circle that I largest thing,its sometimes obvious that its fake
All this app does is enlarge➕minimizes➖ and free hand ✍
This app isnt necessary for anyone. You dont need to change what you look like no matter what you look like. There is no such thing as a butt that is too small or not sexy. Everyone is beautiful to so many people. There are different body types for a reason. There are different curves on each woman for a reason. It is what makes us different. Ladies, dont download this. If you find yourself using this app for anything other than for comedy, then you have fallen victim to stereotyping what the female body should look like. Nobody NEEDS to look a certain way. This app wont bring you joy. People should love you for who you are. If they dont like the way you look, then they lose. You dont. Please, help me help you. Dont download this app.
I bought this to see what I would look like with even a slightly bigger chest, and it sucked. Couldnt figure it out and when I did, *shudders at memory* the thing made my waist thinner too. I have three words about this app. WORST APP EVER!!!!!
Teaching people that the only way to be pretty is by Photoshopping yourself is disgusting and wrong. Even the tag line is horrendous- "Changing your figure makes you more sexy". Saying that peoples bodies arent good enough until theyve conformed to some materialistic standard is awful, and it makes a terrible impression on younger people. Everyone, male, female, and everyone else in the spectrum, deserves to feel comfortable with their body and love how they look. They shouldnt be force-fed slogans that blatantly state that your figure isnt good enough until you change it. Please dont get this app, its morally wrong. You dont need a photoshop app to be beautiful.

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