Photo Plastic - Virtual Pictures Surgery Simulator App Reviews

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I love this app! Like literally in love


Mto bom

Great app

Very different

Not working for me

Every time you pick something for it to do, it goes into an ad and then when it does come out of the ad it just spins and spins and does nothing. Hard to test it out that way. Certainly not paying for it.

Love this Appt

This Appt is so amazing. I really like the way it works. Glad I downloaded it.


This app is alright but can do better.


Fun to play around with Im still figuring it out


its good


good one

Best photo app.

These are the special effects that are hard to find on any other photo app. Its great for making photos look 3 dimensional.

Looooove it

Easy to use especially when youre bloated

Love it

This app wow

Surprisingly effective!


Body shaming?!?! REALLY?!?

Using the phrase: "Changing you figure makes you look more sexy!" is NOT ok! Its called body shaming. Everyone is perfect without using photoshop to make them look "better"!


I love this app because i am really insecure about my looks and I tweak up my body a little bit and this app is awesome

I like this app

Its like photoshop but easy

its great

I really like the app I use it to make pictures look funny.


I was editing and out of nowhere it crashed on me.

Stop complaining

This app is easy to use and fun. Everyone who is complaining about it being body shaming is ridiculous. You are not forced to own or even look at the app, move on to reviewing an app you use before giving low stars for you me opinion instead of how the app functions


Body shaming? Lol ...thats like saying plastic surgeons shouldnt exist because its body shaming people. The new "offended over everything" trend is really funny... Anyways this app is ok, doesnt really work well, it seems to warp pictures instead of enhancing but fun to play with.

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